Canyons & Ice: The Last Run of Dick Griffith is a 56-minute public television documentary about Dick's last run through the Grand Canyon.

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About the documentary
At 89 years old, Dick Griffith went for one last ride through the Grand Canyon. We were there to capture it all, including his daring attempt to row through Lava Falls. Throughout the trip, Dick told us stories that were both hilarious and terrifying. Starvation, drowning, bears, foxes, blinding storms, frostbite - the list of what has tried to kill Dick is long. And all of it has failed.

Canyons & Ice: The Last Run of Dick Griffith recounts the greatest stories of Dick’s nine decades of pushing life to the limits. You’ll hear from some of Alaska’s most hardcore adventurers, including one who lost all of his toes trying to beat one of Dick’s records. You’ll hear from the man himself as he rows through the Grand Canyon. And you will see if he manages to set the record for the oldest person to ever row through the Grand Canyon’s most notorious rapid.

Bonus Material
The DVD includes two bonus features. There's a song written especially for the documentary by Madeleine Oliver, accompanied by a behind-the-scenes slideshow. Plus, there's a hilarious slideshow narrated by one of Dick's camp followers, Michael Martin.

Kaylene was heavily involved in the production of the documentary and served as the associate producer.